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Agile Adoption
using our A-B-C Model

Assessment of current situation

Creating (new) insights into your current situation together with you and others is our core business. We facilitate group discussions towards change and improvement, creating awareness and the urge to move ahead. If you and your organization are ready to effectively change your operations commitment is key.

How can we create an urge for you

Basic skills through in-house Trainings

Making improvements or changes requires new skills. An important part of initiating this journey towards new knowledge is to organize a kick-off gathering . An initial training or workshop will help get people on board, make sure knowledge is shared, and, most of all, ignite the commitment and courage to turn your current situation into something better

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Collaborative Coaching

We guide organizations in translating newly acquired knowledge into concrete action. Our approach stimulates the rise of in-house communities where practices, techniques, tools and knowledge can be shared. The rise of these communities will lead to better practices, collaboration and motivation. We will support your organization all the way on a journey that will elevate your effectiveness to unseen levels.

Our next level coaching offers

Why work with us

Tailored to your organization

Face challenges together with your teams

Instructors sharing at least 15+ years hands-on experience

Co-friend network support

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Other things we do

Public Training

We create (new) insights into your current situation and facilitate group discussions towards change and improvement, creating awareness and the urge to move ahead. Trainings with impact!

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Our own support network, for online mentoring and support when you need it. Over 10 agile experts available to answer your questions and provide ideas to tackle your challenges.

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Practice specific skills, from coding to leadership, in a safe environment before the real performance takes place on stage. Retreats are considered the best way to ignite continuous learning of new skills and practices.

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