World’s first Gamestorming Retreat

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23 February 2012

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A big turnout for our first gamestorming retreat experiment. We got people coming over from Germany. Some of the participants were already familiar with gamestorming and some knew about the concept but never really tried it before. Just to get to know each other, we started off with a personal identity card. As the central theme for this day, we picked a topic that was presented at the last TedXBrussels. We challenged everyone to come up with their startup idea for the next big product or service that will change (personal) healthcare completely. To help us come up with a cool idea for this, we started off by playing the My worst nightmare game. Here every team visualized the most horrible things they could come up with around the topic of healthcare. Look at the horrifying visuals they created:

Using the input and inspiration from the worst nightmare it was time to come up with the kick ass product or service we wanted to create. What better way to visualize our new baby than with a Product box. Using all different sides of the box to promote our product everyone told their story:

Now it was time for some roadmaps. We had an idea, now we needed a long-term plan to help us build our vision. Since we as humans are extremely bad at predicting the future and awesome in predicting the past, it was time for a Remember the future game. Starting off with a big success somewhere in the future, all teams looked back step by step at how they reached this success. And after some time they all had a nice timeline of what to do to get there:

We ended the day with a closing circle in which we got a lot of positive feedback about how we can improve this retreat concept next time. We decided we were going to use a linkedIn group to discuss possible topics and format changes for the next retreat. This channel will also be used to announce new retreats and share experiences about our gamestorming adventures.

So maybe I’ll see you there next time. Who knows?

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