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15 May 2012

It has been more than a year since we organized the first Belgian Management 3.0 training with Jurgen Appelo(March 28, 2011) and subsequent premiere of co-teaching Jurgens (June 27th, 2011). In the mean time we have had the opportunity to spread the love in several public and in-house occasions in Europe for which we received great feedback of which you can see some examples below:

  • I’ll have a lot more motivated teams now
  • We love the real world examples used, it gives us very practical and insightful information
  • I was missing ways to measure skills, quality, value, time, so target setting as explained will definitely help
  • I’m motivated to change my environment
  • I’ll use all practices, games teached over time
  • Try to understand my teams intrinsic desires and help shape the future
  • First time I get practical advice and a way to really delegate my stuff

But the most satisfying feedback or accomplishment of planting the Management 3.0 seeds is to have others take up the experience and training material and grow their own Marties planting the seeds and spreading the knowledge. In this context we want to congratulate Anko Tijman with his first customer and wish all the succes toTonio Grawe.


Both Management 3.0 Licensed Trainers have been part of our gardening sessions in the past (Anko – Jan 30th, 2012; Tonio – March 5th, 2012) and we are proud to have played a part in their development. We sincerely hope more people will join this movement and help us change the world of management! Mankind invented management, now it’s time to reinvent it. 

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