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9 July 2012

Hi there, and welcome to the Co-Learning blog! Co-Learning was founded by Jurgen De Smet and Erik Talboom in their endeavour to provide coaching and training on all levels of enterpreneurship in 3 ways:

A is for Awareness:

Create and share awareness of the techniques out there to help you innovate on any level you need in your business, through incredible workshops with international speakers, conferences, and information found on this blog.

B is for Basic Knowledge:

In need of training concerning these new techniques, want to go into more detail? Co-Learning provides both public and in-house training and coaching with experienced people, who got their hands dirty in learning how to apply theory to the real world.

C is for Collaborative Practice:

We strongly believe in the retreat system as thought out by Corey Haines as he initiated the Coderetreats. Practice makes perfect, so we regularly organise free retreats on Saturdays on different topics: coderetreats, legacy coderetreats, leadership retreats, …

Keep an eye on our ever developing website, this blog, the facebook group or our Twitter account. Lots of exciting things are going to happen over the coming months, join us!

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