Gamestorming, the Dracula way

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9 July 2012

In just two weeks I will be going to Romania again. This time I’ll be there to co-facilitate a gamestorming retreat, together with Maria Diaconu. We’ll have the perfect setting for this retreat, it will be something like this chalet. And it will be close to Dracula’s castle, will we be bitten?

We’ll go on a journey through the land of gamestorming to find a good sequence of games that can help us during the 3 typical phases OPEN – EXPLORE – CLOSE. We’ll start exploring a fictional business case and try to find the most crazy, creative and cool way to implement that business case. The goal for this retreat is that everyone there gets the feeling of what gamestorming can do for them in their context. We’ll offer the participants a good mix of small and easy to use game techniques and some more elaborate ones as well. We don’t want to make it too heavy, so as not to scare people away.

We are already close to Dracula’s castle, so we have enough reason to be frightened. I’m really looking forward to introducing the people of the Romanian community to these gamestorming techniques. Using these has profoundly changed the way I organize my life and run my workshops. Yes I admit, I’m one of those crazy people that actually uses these principles and games at home to get things organized and keep it fun at the same time.

Stay tuned for a detailed report on how the day went, when I get back and recovered from the great Țuică they serve there. And from the mountaineering trip I’ve planned together with Adi Bolboaca.

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