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10 July 2012

No, this is not a typo and this post is not about combining the best of both the scrum and kanban world. It’s just that we are so excited that we’ll be expanding our scrum offerings, that we wanted everyone to know about it. Next to the certified trainings, CSM and CSPO, we’ll also be adding a whole list of non certified trainings. We have been asked to do in-house scrum foundation trainings quite a lot lately, enough for us to want to start validating the hypothesis that this might work for public trainings as well.

On top of the foundation training, which will be the prerequisite for the other courses, we will also introduce more specialized workshops for the different roles in a scrum team, including the teammembers. In the specialised product owner course we will focus strongly on the product owner iteration, visualizing his work and we’ll dive deep into stakeholder management.

The scrummaster course will be mostly devoted to facilitating the different scrum ceremonies using a lot of visual facilitation techniques. Next to that we will also take a deep dive into root cause analysis for solving impediments and retrospective items. Not just trying to cure the symptoms but really going for the disease itself.

The teammember course will focus strongly on the technical aspects and prerequisites for a developer (by which I mean programmer, dba, designer, analyst, etc) to be able to function optimally in a scrum team. We’ll look into several techniques from eXtreme programming like pair programming, test driven development and emergent architecture to name a few. Next to the role based specialisations we are also thinking about devoting a specific course on how to scale scrum in the organization, talking about multiple teams working on the same backlog and how to manage agile portfolios. And who knows what we’ll be adding to this scrum learning track?

Stay tuned to find out, as soon as our new website is online!

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