Introducting our first Re:Think conference – Work=Play?

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7 December 2012

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be kids again? If we could actually say that your work is just a game? That we could play all day long and get paid for it as well?

Dream on.

Work is serious business, and it will always remain so. But that does not mean that the concept of why a child plays should be neglected. Children use play to learn: motor skills by colouring or putting balls through tiny holes, cognitive skills by recognizing patterns in games, creativity by playing games and finding ways to win within the boundaries of some rules or by inventing stories in their heads. All species of a certain degree play in order to learn and evolve. And why should we stop doing this completely at a later age?

Recent studies have shown that games keep your brain healthy, which is why Nintendo developed Big Brain Academy games. But we can go further than that. Games can be used to come to a better understanding of situations. By extracting the emotions and details from a situation and analysing this through a game, people open up and the results are astounding. Collaboration improves, teamspirit booms, complex situations are simplified and you can finally move forward to your common goal. It still sounds very simple.

But Gamification is not as simple as it looks. Even the simplest of games, like tic-tac-toe, has a million ways to be played. And if you are working in a delicate situation coming up with a game can easily be taken the wrong way. Do you want to be introduced to working games, techniques you can immediately put to use at work to facilitate collaboration and improve engagement? Do you wish to know what game you could use for different situations?

Do you want to find out what this gamification hype is all about? Then the very first Co-Learning Re:think conference is for you! At Re:think Work=Play? you will be able to participate in interactive workshops introducing you to a wide variety of games you can use to facilitate difficult meetings, get to common goals and understanding within a team. The hands-on experience from these workshops will give you more insight than any book can, and may answer most of the questions that have been running around in your head. So don’t hesitate and book your ticket today!

Do you want to know more about our conference? Take a look at the conference website or read our newsletter here.

We hope to see you there!

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