The chicken and the egg innovation problem solved with FORTH

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4 February 2013

Guestblog by Sara Pieters,

Starting to structurally embed innovation in your company is like the chicken and the egg: do you have to focus on a good innovation culture first? Or do you have to focus on realizing a successful innovative product or services introduction? If I look at the innovation inhibitors my clients often mention (we don’t have enough good ideas, we always come up with the same ideas, top management always rejects our ideas, we brainstormed now what, we don’t know where to focus, we stick to much to the conventions of our sector,…), it is clear the chicken and the egg should be dealt with simultaneously.

During Re:think Work=Play? I will introduce you to the world of FORTH and I will show you how you can play “the chicken and the egg game”. As a creativity and innovation catalyst ( I use the FORTH innovation method ( to guide organizations through their innovation process, creating attractive innovative products, services and business models.

The FORTH innovation method leads to clear new concepts, which are attractive because they have been checked with customers and are worked out as new mini business cases. The innovative concepts have great internal support because employees have ideated them themselves and customers and decision-makers were closely involved in the ideation process.


At the same time FORTH unlocks the creative and innovative potential in companies by focusing on the 5 core elements of an innovative company culture: § focus & long term strategy § explore: look at the world with different eyes § yes and: suspend judgement § fail fast and fail hard § do it now: make ideas happen Come and join me, come and play, let’s make innovation happen!

When? 8 Maart 2013 Where? Ter Elst, Edegem (Antwerp, BE) How Much? 225€ 




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