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22 March 2013

Sometimes you go to places or events that stick. And the last thing that determines this is size.  It’s the audience and what brings them together that make it an awesome exprience. The intro Jurgen & Erik presented couldn’t be more applicable;  a tribute to common grounds for a better work environment by means of play. The energy in the rooms was high compared to the typical events I’ve seen.  That includes the main meetup hall. The motivational spirit hanging around was remarkable.  I was never at a conference before where I connected with that many people I want to stay in touch with. All were in-and-around involved in a durable and long term vision on human-centered working circumstances. 

The topics were all in-line with the expectations: games & play at work. We could choose between 3 simultaneous tracks so here’s where I joined in. An active workshop discussing simple tips about how to draw presentations, and make it fun & attractive. To allow you to help out people with visual memories to experience the full capabilities of a presentation. A workshop providing insight in different levels of resistance to change, in form of a game based on scientifically proven psychological processes. Even a workout about group identity symbols by Jurgen Appelo, author of the book Management 3.0 and founder of the Management 3.0 training circuit. Tell me something…  that is a lot of expert knowledge in one day! Attendees shared visions and insights, enriching each other’s ideas.

The learnings were not limited to the workshops, but also happened in the main meetup hall. What I saw, was the true spirit of collaborative learning:  interesting workshops blended by people’s experiences and triggering discovery of new ideas. All in the meetup hall.   No wonder interaction balance tended more to audience than speakers compared to most of the previous events I’ve attended. People connecting, exchanging visions and insights on the holy ground of common purpose. I really feel the organizers reached a great target audience. Not surprisingly a mix of consultants and permanent employees.

Proof for me that the subject of sustainable working environment is alive, regardless the role you have in your work environment. 


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