Budget Games Kortrijk Ready, Set, Go…

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27 May 2013

In April we were happy to announce that we were supporting the City of Kortrijk to organize their own version of the Innovation Games ® – Budget Games and in the mean time lots of work has been done by City council members to prepare for this European scoop. If you do not know anything about Budget Games I would invite you to read our previous announcement and related articles (links). Today we are happy to announce the team of professional facilitators that we gathered so far for this event, for them serving the community and making a difference matters!

Depending on the number of participants versus the volunteer facilitators for this initiative, we’ll split the work of Facilitation and Observation. By splitting the roles we increase the overall quality of the facilitation and observation notes together with a more relaxed setting for all facilitators. According the information received from the City Council, it is expected to have something between 60 and 100 participants and as such it would be great to have 12 to 20 facilitators available during the event. In short…

  • What does a facilitator need to do? Guide the collaboration in a friendly and constructive manner towards results.
  • What does a observer need to do? Take notes about bidding behavior, feelings, atmosphere, results…
  • What do both need to know? Let us start with referring to the origin of the Budget Games: Buy a Feature.

We use a closed Google Group for facilitator communication and have agreed on a online kick-of session on June 18th from 8pm till 10pm in order to prepare for… The Kortrijk Budget Games in the evening of June 20th! If you are a professional facilitator yourself and want to be involved to not hesitate to contact me.

We can always use more support!

Keep an eye on our blog for more, we’ll add facilitator names and content information as time goes by, hope to have you on board soon. From the City Council we are mainly in contact with:

  • Bert Herrewyn, schepen van leefmilieu, klimaat, jeugd en Noord-Zuid
  • Laurent Hoornaert, adviseur burgemeester
  • Stefaan Renard, adjunct directeur burger en welzijn-gebiedsbeleid
  • Vincent Van Quickenborne, burgemeester

Also have a look at our Innovation Games ®, Gamestorming trainings and retreats for more information. budget games kortrijk belgium


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