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10 June 2013

Last week, on 30 and 31 May, I attended the I T.A.K.E. unconference in Bucharest, Romania. I was asked to facilitate a workshop there and chose to combine two of my personal favorite coderetreat sessions into one even more challenging session: TDD as if the baby meant it. I will write about this session and some of the feedback I got on this soon, so keep an eye on this blog. During and after the conference I spent a lot of time talking to several people who are passionate about software craftsmanship like me. And these conversations triggered something in me again.

With Co-Learning we are on a quest to help companies and individuals to create better working environments through visualization, collaboration and simplifying the process of structuring work. We create focus on the importance of doing the most valuable work, in the best way possible. And specifically for the software industry, this means combining agile and lean principles and values with those of software craftsmanship. In short, it means building the best software with the best suited practices. Talking to people from software craftsmanship communities form all over Europe helped me to move our own Belgian community to another level.

This has resulted in our first round table discussion ever, which will be hosted at the office of Ultragenda near Gent, next Wednesday 12 June. If you want to discuss anything related to building software, from continuous integration over domain driven design to automated testing, whatever you feel is part of your job as a software professional, join us and bring your ideas and questions. This is the first round table discussion and it will certainly not be the last one. From now we will host one every second Wednesday of the month.

So please feel free to drop by anytime. We will gather the feedback from the sessions and pour that into a blog post every time for you to be able to join in the discussion afterwards as well. Pretty soon we will also start a blog post series on different ways to practice writing code, because like a good musician practice makes perfect. If you have any specific topic you would like me to address in my software craftsmanship posts, please drop me a message via mail or twitter. During the summer you can also expect us to work hard on our community website BaSiC to include all the interesting events and blog posts concerning software craftsmanship, so stay tuned.



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