Software craftsmanship round table v1

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9 July 2013

Just in time before the second round table, I will share with you a brief overview of how the evening went.

Deciding on the topic

We first started off visualizing all the different topics we wanted to talk about. We did a simple post up gamestorming technique followed by a silent sorting to cluster the topics. When everyone had a good overview of the different topics / questions at hand, we did a dot voting gameĀ to determine the priority of the different clusters. Pretty soon we discovered that the topic people were most interested in that evening was Domain driven design linked to CQRS. Since we had one of the most famous DDD Belgians in the group (Yves Reynhout, follow the man if you don’t already), we let him start with a very short explanation on what DDD and CQRS were all about. Once we all had a basic understanding the discussion started and people fired away. I won’t even try to recap all the information that was shared, insights that were gathered. If you want to know more about it, you need to come over to one of our round tables and bring up the topic once more šŸ˜‰

DDD and CQRS in a nutshell

DDD and CQRS in a nutshell


We are getting ready for the next edition tomorrow, and our host UltragendaĀ of last time was so kind as to invite us to their beautiful location in Destelbergen again. If you don’t have any plans for tomorrow yet, make sure you join us from 18:30 to 20:00 (or a bit later if you want to) for pizza and good discussions (and maybe beer), sign up here.

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