WisP: the best of our Re:Think – Work = Play? conference

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9 September 2013

When our conference was over, we received loads of feedback from the attendees. What struck us most, was how some people were dissapointed that they had missed certain sessions. Based on the feedback and session rating, we gathered the 4 sessions that had had the most impact, and an idea lodged itself in the Co-Learning brain.

Now we are ready to reveal the program, date and location for our WisP: the best of Work = Play? 2013! When? 18 October 2013 Where? New Zebra, Ghent The sessions that got the most votes and were therefore selected for our “best of” edition are the following: “How to think with little bricks” by Erwin Verweij (NL) “Clarify authority with delegation poker” by Jürgen De Smet (BE) “The infinite beauty of technology platforms” by Ant Clay (UK) “Empower Team Purpose and Motivation by Applied Improvisation” by Rutger Slump Our awesome session facilitators are chomping at the bit to present you their interactive, hands-on workshops! But watch out: seats are limited, we only have 30 spots available. So don’t hesitate, join in the serious fun and


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