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25 September 2013

Co-Learning is always striving to be innovative, or bring innovaters to you! Let us know what training you are looking for, but can’t find in or around Belgium. Let’s co-create the Co-Learning agenda and learning track! The collective mind can achieve more, so enter your wish here and win your free ticket to that one training you’ve always wanted to attend. Let your creativity flow, go wild, and together we can make it happen! Would you be interested in evening training sessions? We’re all busy at work, and taking a day or more off for a training is sometimes a big step. We were wondering whether you’d be interested in evening training sessions. Like short bouts of evening school: a few weeks, a fixed day, a few hours per evening, located in the centre of Belgium near the E40 highway. Let us know how you feel about this, and maybe soon we’ll be able to accomodate you! EDIT: the link to the competition has been fixed!

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