The Leadership Gift Program 2014 – preview webinars

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18 October 2013

Based on information on What is the Leadership Gift Program 2014? Depending on whom you ask, it is:

•A world-wide Community of Practice for coaches and leaders mastering responsibility
•A self-paced personal-, professional-, and leadership-development program
•A private membership portal and growing content library
•An apprenticeship and accreditation system for those who want to take this body of work to other arenas

Register Today for a Free Sneak Preview Webinar of The Leadership Gift Program 2014

On this groundbreaking webinar Christopher Avery reveals

  • The single most important skill-set you must master in order to get yourself, others, and your teams to move beyond drama and finger-pointing and get to a place of total problem ownership
  • The poorly understood leadership fact that personal responsibility is not the same as job accountability – and what to do about it to dramatically improve performance and sanity (yours and theirs)
  • The magic magnifying glass – I call it the Responsibility Process — that empowers you to instantly know exactly where the real problem lies. Use this so you and your teams can feel true ownership. Apply this IN ANY SITUATION.
  • How agile and lean coaches and leaders use it to dissolve the problem of the gray area between roles and the anxiety created there – and instead collaborate to add value.
  • And how to master the Leadership Gift as well as become accredited to coach and mentor others.

But be careful: the spaces for the webinar are limited! Make sure to register here to reserve your spot. Should you decide, based on these webinars, to join in on the Leadership Gift Program, give us a shout and we will get you a special discount. Still hesitant? How about this hands-on experience: Erik did a lightning talk about the personal responsibility process at the SoCraTesUK conference in September.  After this 5 minute introduction to the process, it was one of the most important recurring topics that we talked about in during the conference. To most participants, this symbolized the foundation of professionalism for software craftsmen.

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