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25 March 2014


We are proud to present the first session that will be part of this year’s Work = Play conference #wisp14. Revealing Erwin Verweij as the first facilitator for our conference. His session at wisp13 was a huge success and that is exactly why we asked him to join us again. And during last week’s “Buy a session” workshop, the group of participants also bought this Lego® Serious Play® session. You can find out below what his message for #wisp14 participants is.


When I mention Lego®, most of us think back to their childhood and of the big structures we used to build. The living room full of little bricks and a cursing dad who just stepped barefoot on one of them. At least that’s what I thought of when someone mentioned Lego® to me a few years ago. Then one day I learned of a different use for these versatile little building blocks. I found out that Lego® is also a very powerful tool to get people to talk and share. Nothing fluffy or pink cloud stuff but a real resourceful and proven method to use in companies.

Lego® Serious Play® is used by managers to get those difficult questions answered. Or by teams to know who they are and why they work so well. As a Facilitator I provide help to people to use this method. But of late I also train teachers with a different method. Lego® Build to Express®, a way of sharing specially designed for school by Lego Education. Both these methods will be demonstrated and shown at my workshop at #WISP14. Because if there is one way to actually work and play, then it is with Lego®.



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