Announcing our 2nd session on the #WisP14 program

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27 March 2014


We are very proud to announce our second facilitator, Victor Manrique, who will be facilitating the session “From games to gamification: The secret formula of engagement”.  Have a look at what Victor has in mind for us:

Engagement circle

¿Do you think that designing a gamified experience can be turned into a game?

Games are all about learning and every time we start a new game, it keeps on teaching us new and very complex things until it is over. They have this kind of magical effect that makes learning simple. And it even seems easy to get used to those complicated controls, mechanics and in-game systems. However, game design is not as easy as it looks like when we’re playing, and as it turns out, there’s very little magic in best seller games, but a fantastic motivational structure that game designers build out of a perfect mix of game mechanics, aesthetics, storytelling and technology. Furthermore, creating a gamified experience is always a challenge too, because as it happens with game design, turning one thing into another that truly motivates us is quite difficult, but making it fun and engaging in the long-term, is even harder!

So… if games are a great way to learn new and complicated things and we know that Gamification Design is not as simple as just adding Points, Badges & Leaderboards to something… could we even think of a game that teaches us how to apply the best of game design with gamification? And that’s exactly the goal of this workshop, to learn by playing! But if you want to know more about it…you’ll have to come and play! Get ready to learn what gamification really is about while having fun!


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