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9 April 2014


Announcing the next speaker for our WisP2014 conference. Jonathan Clark has a deep understanding of running customer-centric businesses having worked for more than 20 years in international publishing and e-business with Elsevier. Now as an independent advisor on strategy and innovation, he helps forward-thinking leaders to re-invent their businesses, products & processes. He brings energy and enthusiasm into everything he does. His particular skill is to help people see things from new perspectives and to inspire them to make things happen.
Here’s an idea of what his workshop will be all about:
Innovation Games® are group activities that use game dynamics to better engage participants. There are a number of established games for all sorts of business needs, but have you ever wanted to make up your own Innovation Game®?
If so, then this is the workshop for you. Think of it as a bit like a Build-a-Bear-Wokrshop. You choose the elements you need for your game as you go, putting them all together to create the game.  Then you get to play the game to see how well it works.
Along the way we will highlight the underlying principles of business play such as flow and the power of metaphor.
So don’t hesitate en register now!

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