New WisP session confirmed: Visual storytelling

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22 April 2014

visual storytelling

Everyone’s got a story to tell or an idea to sell. But your audience has to understand and embrace it if you truly want to motivate them to act. In an era where we are bombed with information, information is cheap. The true question as such is “How do I get my message across?”. During this workshop:

  • You will be introduced in the world of visual storytelling.
  • We will show you why visual storytelling is the new language of the information age, and
  • How it can be used in all kinds of business settings to communicate and connect with employees, customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers and the media.

Because everyone also knows that ” A picture is worth a thousand words”. So join Sara Pieters for this practice-makes-perfect workshop and learn the basics of drawing and visualizing your own story. Register below!  


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