New WisP session annouced: Word is Play

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8 May 2014

For our next session, join Corry Clybouw in a play on words:

3 rounds of the children’s game Memory. That is all it takes to help you master the art of writing easy-to-read emails, business proposals, announcements, workinstructions, procedures, … that bring your readers to action. This workshop is not only a challenge for your short term memory, but also triggers your long term memory. Most of all, it is a fun way to learn about a subject that a lot of people dread. Writing will be never be a dull task again. Surprisingly, this game is played with images, drawings, not with words…

The visuals help you memorize tips and tricks that make writing short or long texts a piece of cake.  At the end of the workshop, the visuals are a mnemonic for you. When your memory fails you, a few lines of text help you remember. And in case your memory fails you even further, an example makes the theory crystal clear. In short, you will have reference material to rely on in future. Although taking this workshop already makes you a winner, the game will also have a winning team ! Oh yes, there is also a bit of competition. See you at my table, I am shuffling the cards as we speak…


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