The Private Investigator Fun Experience

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9 May 2014

For our next session we’ve invited one of our most popular speakers from last year: Rutger Slump. After his hugely successful workshop on empowering team purpose and motivation using applied improvisation techniques, he will return for

The Private Investigator Fun Experience

So what’s this session all about? Rutger explained it like this: What we’ve noticed this past year in our innovation projects based on Design Thinking, is that the average professional seems to have lost contact with his clients and users. We’re locked up in our own reality and no longer see the actual results of our work. By making our participants call and interview their users about the challenges they face, we try to bridge that gap and see a higher level of satisfaction both within project teams and with clients. The goal is to find out as much as possible.

Who is this person? How does this person experience the world surrounding her? It seems straightforward, but it’s quite a hurdle to pass and it gets increasingly fun to do. It provides new insights and a lot of refreshed energy. “Let’s not waste time thinking about it, let’s just ask the user”. We’ll be using a similar approach in our session, combined with methods of Applied Improvisation (similar to the highly rated 2013 session at WisP) to playfully learn how to engage your client again in a fun way for all those who are looking to deliver the best possible project.  


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