New WisP session: The SAFe release planning game

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14 May 2014

Our next session to be announced for WisP 2014 is the SAFe release planning game. This interactive workshop, based on a simulation game, is designed to give participants insights in how to do release planning across several teams working on the same product or value stream.

release planning

The session provides some background about SAFe and the concept or Agile release trains, to understand some patterns of having several teams working together on a single, shared release. Next, we will go into a simulation exercise to do such a large, release planning meeting across teams.

The goal of this exercise is to learn how to plan releases with several teams, including functional, technical, architectural etc agreement and decisions. This session will also provide practical insights and tips on collaborating with several teams on one product or release.

This session will be facilitated by Jef Cumps and Bart Oste from iLean. Both Agile coaches and trainers with years of hands-on experience. Come in, join us and learn while playing!  


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