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13 November 2015

One of the techniques from Management 3.0 that we’ve observed to go viral rather quickly when we come into an organisation is the use of Kudos Cards. In order to recognise individual achievements on a regular basis, these cards are an easy way to share your thanks, make it tangible for the person receiving one and spread a positive message in the company. 

We often go to organisations where team members will complain about a lack of recognition for the work they are doing. Rewards, such as a financial incentive, are promised but never given, because the promise turned out to be unattainable. Success is rarely celebrated, and if it is celebrated it usually needs to be a substantial succes. Celebrating small success and learning is therefore one of the most important parts in growing agile teams, but as an individual we also like to see our personal successes celebrated. Kudos cards bring this continuous and small celebrations in an easy way, and they can spread easily, hacking corporate culture on the way.

At one of our current clients, a team that we are coaching is so proud of the kudos cards and achievement cards they receive, they even dedicated a page to them on their team’s internal Confluence Wiki page, showcasing them to the entire organisation:

The Kudos cards are spread through e-mail to the team, and we’ve noticed the text tends to be a bit more elaborate than on our achievement cards. The achievement cards are smaller, and do not feature lines, we notice they’re being used for quick wins. People even tend to keep a small pack in their pocket, just in case, and grab one to hand to a colleague when they feel it’s just the right moment in time.

Team members are sticking their cards on the cupboards and walls, even though there is a flex desk policy. Their pride in getting one from one of the coaches, their scrummaster, PO or another team member is a wonderful sight to see! An easy culture hack, with a great impact.

You can send your co-workers Kudos Cards as well! Check out to send yours!

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