We’re hiring! Office Manager wanted to join our Agile company.

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20 April 2016

Could Co-Learning be Your Tribe?

The wisdom of the group transcends any individual. At Co-Learning, we align our actions with the belief that we need each other in order to do our best work.

The Office Manager will be responsible for smooth operations to support a high-energy team of Agile professionals in all the day-to-day essentials of excellence, including:

  • Coordinating locations for events and trainings, securing catering, printing and registrations
  • Sprinkling design pixie-dust over our materials to improve their look/feel
  • Producing marketing swag (banners, shirts, pins, etc.)
  • Curating opportunities for local and international visibility, i.e. conferences, meetups, podcasts
  • Serving as remote concierge for traveling team members
  • Triaging the email that comes through our general account

As a member of our tribe, the right candidate for Office Manager will be able and enthusiastic to:

  • learn various IT platforms/tools to resolve administrative issues and address emergent needs
  • communicate fluently in English and Dutch (French a plus)
  • execute good visual design
  • use Yuki accounting software for invoicing
  • maintain an orderly physical office with good look and feel
  • work well remotely in a virtual/home office when not co-located
  • recognize and deliver value on projects in accordance with Agile principles
  • work with a copywriter, growthhacking guru and other external resources to keep team members’ materials up-to-date and consistent, develop a coherent social engagement strategy (e-newsletters, twitter, facebook, linkedin) and conduct targeted promotional campaigns
  • pro-actively seek opportunities for ongoing learning, professional development and skill-building

To sum it up, you will explore new territory always while ensuring that dry-erase markers write and we don’t run out of Post-Its!

As a responsive and responsible employer, Co-Learning offers a fulltime or 4/5 engagement with livable compensation and flexible work hours, a great office location at http://www.meetdistrict.com/ and remote work possibilities. You will have the support needed to do your job well including time dedicated to professional development and class A work materials – Apple all the way!

To apply, please send CV and your motivation story to info@co-learning.be


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