Workshop with Christopher Avery!

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1 October 2016


Recently we came to hear that Dr Christopher Avery would come around to present his new book.
Without hesitation from within Co-Learning we took the opportunity to organize a workshop given by Christopher himself.

I guess you might be wondering why I’m that enthousiast about a person coming over to Belgium.

It’s all about The Responsibility Process®.

The Responsibility Process®


The What?

A few years ago I came in touch with The Responsibility Process®.
It explains the mental islands we as human beings go through when taking a responsible decision. 
This helps becoming aware of how to come to more responsible behaviour and how to foster this. 

The understanding of this process has been of such great help ever since that I feel the need to spread the word myself!
It helped me to better self-knowledge, taking control and conscious decisions rather than external factors.
Not only it helped myself, but also helping me helping others by injecting these insights The Responsibility Process® provides into their culture.

Another argument that solidifies the value of this process:

Since September I’ve joined The Leadership Gift™ given by Christopher; A weekly conf call that helps you mastering the underlying principles behind the Responsibility Process®.
It’s stuffed with practical tools, advices and experiments you can do to ramp up your learning curve! 

Becoming curious?

All the details of the workshop you’ll find here, in our events section.
In the morning we’ll go deeper into the content, in the afternoon will be a coach clinic where you can ask questions to the founder himself. 

I guess you can see now why being part of his workshop is such a unique opportunity.

Be quick to attend, seats are limited!





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