Management 3.0 Brown Bag Sessions now available!

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7 December 2016

Brown Bag session???

I’m sure a lot of you who aren’t native English speakers might be wondering what a brown bag session is, so let’s start with that. The brown bag refers to the brown paper bag traditionally used to bring a sandwich or other lunch items. To complete the reference, a brown bag session is therefore a short (usually 1 hour) session over lunch or light dinner during which a specific topic can be presented or discussed.

Management 3.0 brown bag sessions

A number of Management 3.0 facilitators now offer a series of brown bag sessions to organisations, because we understand that not everybody can easily take several days off work to attend a full training. That’s why we’re offering a flexible alternative that offers the same content as a regular Management 3.0 course, but over the course of a more flexible leadership series with a different format and of course a strong emphasis on feedback loops.

This option is available for in-company tracks as well as community events where people regularly gather to share learning and expand their horizon. 

What are the Benefits of Management 3.0 Brown-bag Sessions?

Since the sessions are short and in a steady interval, there are a lot of benefits to this way of offering learning within your organisation:

  • Take the necessary time to process new information, go back and experiment with your team
  • Goal setting at the end of each session
  • Sharing feedback, learning and follow up each session
  • Drilling down into one major theme per workshop
  • A focus on your company’s challenges and bounce around ideas with your peers
  • Building a network within your company that will continue past the courses or a management network within your community
  • Promoting continuous learning and innovation

So what topics are covered?

The Management 3.0 Brown-bag Sessions are a series of 8 modules that cover the following topics:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Complexity Thinking
  • Motivation & Engagement
  • Learning & Competence
  • Delegation & Empowerment
  • Values & Culture
  • Growing Structure
  • Success & Failure

For each topic your facilitator has a lot of knowledge to share, experience to discuss and practical exercices you can do with your team as soon as you leave the session. Each session we’ll look at what you’ve experimented with, what worked, what didn’t and what learning you got from the 

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