Press Update – Why we launched a new website on a new domain?

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20 March 2020

Yes! We are live and are proud of it.
Feel free to browse around and leave some feedback on your experience, as our name implies, we’re always eager to learn and improve upon our current state.

But why did we launch a new website, and on a new domain as well?

The decision was taken by the core group of Co-Members in December 2019 after we searched for the right website building organisation to support us in our need for change. So for the last couple of months we have been collaborating on information architecture, design, coding and most of all content creation to provide our visitors with the information they deserve.

Let’s give you some insights in why we decided to change and what is very different from our old website...

Honoring all our Co-Members

For a while now, Co-Learning has members outside of Belgium who collaborate with us to help our customers build great products with great teams.

Our onboarding system is very open but very strict to maintain high quality services to our customers and last year we welcomed Mark Uijen de Kleijn as our first non Belgian Co-Member. Today there are a couple more amazing people in our Co-Workers pool who show great potential to level up. Keep an eye on us, there will definitely be more non-Belgians listed in the upcoming months. Maybe even outside BE-NL.

We felt that our .be domain wasn’t covering the load anymore and wanted to honor all of our Co-Members equally. This is why we decided to go for the domain switch, leaving our .be domain behind.

Honoring our amazing customers

Since 2016 we have seen our customers be so proud of what they achieved with us that they state it on stage during different events. We felt bad we couldn’t give them an honorable spot on our website. The information architecture of our website wasn’t built for it and we felt heartbroken not being able to give a stage to our customers ourselves.

We decided we needed an appropriate information architecture that allowed us to have a more prominent space for cases. Today you’ll find them all around with a great overview page. Stay tuned for more to come! Will you be the next one taking the stage?

Finally, announcing our Co-Friends network service

It has been a while that we are secretly running a remote mentoring service for formal and informal leaders within an Agile adoption, our Co-Friends service.

Early 2018 we started experimenting with an online service to support our customers in their Agile adoptions while taking a bit more distance. We strongly believe Agile adoptions should be owned by the organisation itself and apply our tandem style coaching since the beginning to enable exactly that. This worked very well and when leaving an organisation that was coached, mentored and trained by us, formal and informal leaders felt some gap and were sometimes even scared to take it all in their own hands. With our Co-Friends service we provide a solution to that!

We now feel ready to open up the service to the wider audience and are confident we can scale it when needed. Time to expand the experiment beyond the scope of customers that engaged with us to take the lead of their Agile journey. Reach out to us if you’re interested in this program!

Clarity on our main services

Many people had the impression from our old website that we were a public training focused organisation, while our core business is within Agile adoptions and coaching. Word of mouth is doing a good job for us and we wanted to make sure our website is aligned to what is being talked about.

Today we have new sections: Agile Adoptions, Coaching, Inhouse Courses & Workshops. These provide all needed information concerning our approach and goals when partnering up with any organisation in their journey to organisational Agility. We made sure you get the full picture of what is needed and how we can support you from an organisational, team & technical perspective.

- COVID19 Update: We do offer remote working courses and workshops; if required, we do provide almost all listed courses and workshops in an online manner; and we are very experienced in remote coaching -

Clarity on our values and goals

The bigger our team becomes the more we feel the urge to clarify our reason for existence and how we operate in order to allow others to validate a culture match to either engage with us to support their quests, or to join us as a Co-Member.

We have spent time reviewing how we made decisions and what we like (potential) customers and colleagues to know about us. Today we have a clearly defined manifesto instead of a traditional vision & strategy which should help (potential) customers to evaluate a culture fit or imagine how we work. Today we have decided to publish this crucial information for others who want to join. This should help anyone to feel whether there is a potential fit or not.

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