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18 June 2020

We are extremely happy that we are allowed to organize our amazing in-person events and we do take care all precautions are made to keep everyone safe. We care!

  • We redesigned our highly interactive and collaborative exercises so that we can run them at a safe distance from each other.
  • The locations we use for our services are very well adapted to be safe for the event, there will be more than enough space (square meters) per person.
  • All locations we go to are being assessed on safety in the sense of sanitizers, open windows, drinks, food, tables, chairs…
  • We have arranged very comfortable mouth masks for all of you attending our in-person events, minimal 2 pieces per attendee so they can be washed/cooked in between course days. And of course, after the training you can take them home.
  • In order to maximise the understanding and interaction with our trainers / workshop facilitators we make sure all of them will have a face shield so that facial expressions are easier to observe.
  • We make sure you have your personal markers, notes and more so you don’t need to share materials with each other and keep it safe.

Even in times of crisis we keep our cool and ordered our protective gear with a Belgian NGO - Think Pink - who uses the proceeds for research and support in the fight against Breast Cancer. We consider this a win-win situation, something we look for when engaging with our clients as well. Karma isn’t a bitch, what comes around comes around. Turn up the good!

Don’t be afraid of coming to our events, we are there to make it the best learning experience possible. We do make it a priority to take care of your comfort while attending. That’s why we ordered masks that are extremely comfortable, certified and have a small metal piece to bend over the nose which prevents vapor on your glasses. You should still look your best while wearing them.

How would our masks fit you? Join an event and try them out.

We care about you working with us and we care about all our Co-Members. For those that work within Co-Learning we extended our support to their entire family, including the kids. Being responsible for our work environment, general health, Agile passion and continuous learning is in our genes.

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