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During our journey in life, we discovered that a lot of organizations struggle to keep people motivated and engaged in their change projects, innovation projects and/or business as usual. The obvious consequences of this struggle are sub-optimal results for the businesses and/or projects involved. We strongly believe that the best results come from motivated and engaged people who know how to collaborate with everybody involved. This is why we focus most, not to say all, of our efforts to support organizations, to grow their internal skills and simplify structures that allow you to engage and motivate all stakeholders involved and maximize value.

We are here to generate a positive impact on the lives of your customers & employees, strengthening your reputation.

We operate world-wide with a slight preference towards Europe, for now.

We help you create great products with great teams!


Agile Adoption
using our A-B-C Model

Assessment of current situation

Creating (new) insights into your current situation together with you and others is our core business. We facilitate group discussions towards change and improvement, creating awareness and the urge to move ahead. If you and your organization are ready to effectively change your operations commitment is key.

How can we create an urge for you

Basic skills through in-house Trainings

Making improvements or changes requires new skills. An important part of initiating this journey towards new knowledge is to organize a kick-off gathering . An initial training or workshop will help get people on board, make sure knowledge is shared, and, most of all, ignite the commitment and courage to turn your current situation into something better

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Collaborative Coaching

We guide organizations in translating newly acquired knowledge into concrete action. Our approach stimulates the rise of in-house communities where practices, techniques, tools and knowledge can be shared. The rise of these communities will lead to better practices, collaboration and motivation. We will support your organization all the way on a journey that will elevate your effectiveness to unseen levels.

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Our clients


A team of amazing Co-Learners.

Jurgen De Smet

Agile & Lean (Executive) Coach, Trainer and Collaboration Architect


+32 489 478 226

Erik Talboom

Agile & Lean Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Software Craftsman


+32 498 432 967

Steven Deneir

Agile Coach, Trainer and Facilitator, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), and Agile PRINCE Too


+32 477 269 318

Annelies De Meyere

Agile Change Facilitator. Collaboration Architect. Trainer.


+32 486 362 414

Jeremy Naus

Agile Coach, PSM, Graphic facilitator/recorder


+32 486 767 018

Mark Uijen de Kleijn

Consultant of Agility / Scrum Master / Facilitator


+31 615 264 464

Aernout van den Burg

Agile Coach - Team coach - Trainer - Facilitator


+31 6 83 78 71 78

Khyra Vanhoutte

Office and Communications Manager - Event Administrator - Graphic Design/ Layout


+32 489 994 091


Read our insights
on agile, …

Mark Uijen de Kleijn
23 October 2020
Team self-design remotely & improving post-covid times facilitation

At the LeSS Conference 2020, Georgiy Zhytar (from our customer Y Soft) and I did a talk on the remote self-designing team workshop we did at Y Soft. In this talk, we shared what we did, learnings we had and which parts to re-use after covid-19 to combine the best of both remote and on-site …

18 September 2020
Exploring new forms of collaboration – an online workshop format

Defining your new collaboration environment together “A transition is needed from workplace to meeting place in our offices.” This is the most important result of a workshop on the “new collaboration environment” that Co-Learning has facilitated at the invitation of the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). In this blog we share more about this …

17 September 2020
Case Study: Y Soft LeSS adoption, long term experience report by Y Soft themselves

Disclaimer: this is re-sharing what Y Soft has shared on their platform earlier and has been distributed through means of social media. It is mentioned in their article that sharing is caring and in that sense we want to contribute in their quest to sharing their story to the world. They share a story of …

10 September 2020
Case Study: LeSS Adoption at Federal Pension Service in Belgium (SFPD)

Ever since 2015 we get our customers so proud on what they achieved that they go on stage. This time we are happy to share a recording of our LeSS Case Study at the Federal Pension Service in Belgium (SFPD). An amazing story of technical excellence and internal change agents. If you are interested how …

3 September 2020
2 Interviews on descaling organizational complexity

We continuously hear about “Scaling” agility within organizations and many tend to disregard “descaling” as an option to acquire organizational agility. It is descaling that is central in LeSS adoptions and getting into a state of “More with LeSS”. During these covid times we were invited to elaborated on that subject in 2 different interviews …

29 July 2020
Case Study – applying LeSS Kaikaku (Flip-Forward) events

A Kaikaku event is there to facilitate a serious system change to grow product development capabilities within an organization. One can go with Kaizen events and related incremental improvement until the limits of the system you apply them in, in order to improve further one will need to apply some kind of Kaikaku or choose …

18 June 2020
Today’s in-person workshops & courses. We care for you!

We are extremely happy that we are allowed to organize our amazing in-person events and we do take care all precautions are made to keep everyone safe. We care!

11 June 2020
A full remote highly collaborative teams self-design workshop with 80+ people? Yes!

This Spring, one of our customers wanted to change the distribution of people in the teams that work to develop their main product.* To do this, we were planning to have a large workshop to do a redesign of the current team layout by teams themselves. Taking into account certain constraints of course. After the …

10 April 2020
Supporting a courageous elementary school teacher

– We blurred out the children for their privacy and protection – In times of crisis we find it important to help others in need of new knowledge and experiences, using the expert capabilities we have. These days it became obvious that many crucial organizations around us were/are not prepared for a digital approach. Elementary …

31 March 2020
Continuous Integration is Not a Tooling Problem

There is this commonly accepted, hard-grained belief in the software industry. By dropping a build server in a team, they get Continuous Integration magically for free. This belief is further incentivised by the marketing of build server vendors. Back in August 2019, Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, announced … So excited to announce that GitHub …