Agile transformation

Agile Adoption


Using our A-B-C Model.

Together, we build so called “learning tracks” where we tailor our A-B-C model to your specific needs so all transmitted knowledge is instantly valuable for all involved. Applying our A-B-C model through several iterations has proven very successful in many different domains generating sustainable change. Ever since 2016 our customers are so proud that they walk on stage at conferences explaining what positive impact has been achieved. Will you be the next?


Basic Skill Set


Assessment of current situation

Creating (new) insights into your current situation together with you and others is our core business. We facilitate group discussions towards change and improvement, creating awareness and the urge to move ahead. If you and your organization are ready to effectively change your operations commitment is key.

How can we create an urge for you

Basic skills through in-house Trainings

Making improvements or changes requires new skills. An important part of initiating this journey towards new knowledge is to organize a kick-off gathering . An initial training or workshop will help get people on board, make sure knowledge is shared, and, most of all, ignite the commitment and courage to turn your current situation into something better

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Collaborative Coaching

We guide organizations in translating newly acquired knowledge into concrete action. Our approach stimulates the rise of in-house communities where practices, techniques, tools and knowledge can be shared. The rise of these communities will lead to better practices, collaboration and motivation. We will support your organization all the way on a journey that will elevate your effectiveness to unseen levels.

Our next level coaching offers

Simplification, Alignment & Technical Excellence

We support small companies and large enterprises simplifying their organisational structures and processes. We help remove obstacles in their path to innovation and foster a collaborative learning culture, achieving true business agility. Our clients achieve greater organizational alignment with fewer dependencies left to manage. Transparency with access to good data ensures empirically-sound decision making. As a result, the system becomes leaner, more customer-centric and more ready with each successive wave of changes to build its greatest products yet.

For companies that endure, simplicity brings its own rewards. We help you deal with the complexity of the challenge at hand...

➸ Horizontal complexity - consolidating functions across the enterprise
➸ Vertical complexity - shedding obsolete roles, layers and reporting structures
➸ Spatial complexity - preparing distributed / remote teams for success
➸ Technical complexity - removing technical debt by de-coupling and outside-in, XP development practices

We help you make sure your technical Agility is not a constraint to your business Agility.

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What our customers are saying…

Some cases

Y Soft: Multi-Site LeSS Huge Adoption (2018-2021)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in an organization driving innovation within the global print management market. A story of organisational agility leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

SFPD: Governmental, highly regulated service going LeSS (2018-2020)

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in a governmental organization driving innovation within their application approach and ways of working. A story of organisational agility and technical excellence leading to innovative solutions.

BASE Company: LeSS Huge adoption incl. Offshoring (2015-2017)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in one of the 3 biggest TelCo organizations in Belgium. A story of organisational agility with BOLD movements leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.