Why an assessment?

An assessment provides a sound basis to collaborate and measure progress of any change initiative in an organisation. At the same time it serves as a huge source of information for Co-Learning to adjust our practices according your context. Basing the approach for the transformation strongly on a shared understanding of the current situation will generate more interest and awareness within your organisation to go ahead with the transformation. As we understand your context better, we can also beter evaluate our potential services for the hands-on elements in your organisation. We have colleagues with 20+ years of agile experience in our ranks, so we are able to create a team with the best professionals to get down to business in your company - working with the people who would gladly be leading the way in getting the knowledge and operational expertise available and shared within your organization.

Organisational Assessments

In order to create awareness within your organisation, it is vital to undergo an assessment of the as-is situation with which you will need to work. We offer full packages of organisational assessment, retrospectives and debriefing sessions, followed by a detailed report of the advice we offer based on the results of the assessment.

This period of observation and asking questions allows for a better insight in how your company can choose one path or the other, help you lead your organisation to success in change that has become a reality of our daily life.

As an outcome for this assessment, the necessary awareness and communication can be set up internally to create a bright future with your team and organisation.

Company-wide Retrospectives as Assessment Practice

What is a retrospective?

The Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint. When you expect your teams to regularly inspect and adapt within their small ecosystem, why do we often forget to zoom out to the larger organisation and create and overall awareness about what is going well and what can be improved upon.

A company wide retrospective?

By questioning your entire organization in a retrospective event you can learn so much from the input so that awareness on why and how change can be brought about in your company happens in a swift and positive way.. By allowing the entire organization to join in this retrospective, you will observe a much stronger sense of ownership concerning the changes and actions that can be achieved based on the results of the retrospective. A strategic approach to your Agile adoption.

What do we offer?

The Co-Learning team also has a number of highly experienced workshop designers and facilitators, people we call collaboration architects, in their midst. These people can help you organize such a retrospective in multiple ways. Sessions can be held in person, but also on line on our online platforms, in different time zones, with distributed co-workers, in what we call a “facilitated gala”. This in order to increase the overall participation and effectiveness of the exercise.

What do you get?

Co-Learning will not only help you organize and facilitate this event. We will consolidate the results to a single comprehensive report and recommendations. As a result you will observe a much stronger sense of ownership concerning the changes and actions that can be achieved. In-house facilitators can be trained by Co-Learning through its inhouse courses and tandem based coaching on request.

In need for an organisational assessment?

What our customers are saying…

Some cases

Y Soft: Multi-Site LeSS Huge Adoption (2018-2021)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in an organization driving innovation within the global print management market. A story of organisational agility leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

SFPD: Governmental, highly regulated service going LeSS (2018-2020)

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in a governmental organization driving innovation within their application approach and ways of working. A story of organisational agility and technical excellence leading to innovative solutions.

BASE Company: LeSS Huge adoption incl. Offshoring (2015-2017)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in one of the 3 biggest TelCo organizations in Belgium. A story of organisational agility with BOLD movements leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

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