Author: Sven Cipido

8 June 2016 / Innovation Games & Gamestorming
3D Speed Boat Retrospective game

Innovation Games® If you are into Innovation Games®, you probably know the Speed Boat game. This game can be used during your retrospective. I will not discuss this game now. You can read all about it on the site. Speed Boat, a boat with many facets… The advantage of the Speed Boat metaphor is that the game can be very useful in a lot of...

5 January 2016 / Lean & Kanban
Kanban Metrics you won’t hate – Part 2: Control Chart

This is the second article about Kanban Metrics. The first article was about the Cumulative Flow Diagram, used to measure the throughput time for items in your backlog. The time it takes to go from “In Progress” to “Done” and then projected over a period of time. But what are the ways you can use a Control Chart? Analyze your team’s performance Measure the effect...

27 November 2015 / Lean & Kanban
Kanban Metrics you won’t hate – Part 1: CFD – Cumulative Flow Diagram

If you have read the article of Annelies de Meyere about detailed metrics are not always the answer, you must think why this article? Well some metrics are good!!! It’s the best way to see how you're doing with your team. But as described in the article of Annelies over-metric is bad, it’s not a weapon to use against your team or one member. It’s...