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You are invited to our Co-friend Slack channel: our go-to place for inspiration and support. Introduce your challenges and discover materials to create great Scrum events, retrospectives or get help with personal conflicts. Ask any question concerning your agile journey and share them with other co-friends and our professional co-coaches. 

Over 10 agile experts available to answer your questions and provide ideas to tackle your challenges.

At your service as of Feb 2018 onward

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For people supporting a Digital/Agile transformation, our Co-Friend Membership is your rescue line in time of need.

Unlike courses, this provides instant support by  highly skilled professionals when you need it, not when it’s scheduled or got another budget approval.

You'll get access to all our Co-Coaches which are certified and have decades of experience with Agile adoptions in different markets. You will be able to connect with experts on organisational & management coaching, experts on PO & team coaching, experts on technical excellence and more!

Certified LeSS Trainer(s), Trainer(s), Management 3.0 Trainer(s), Experienced and licensed facilitators and much more.

You'll be invited to our Co-Friend slack channel administrated by the Co-Coaches, to ask for inspiration and support, bring challenges and discover materials to create great events, retrospectives, get help with navigating personal conflicts,... Basically any question concerning your Agile journey is a good one to ask.

Deep dive mentoring can be done through 2h/month video call sessions you schedule through our online booking system. And... you'll get 10% discount on all our public courses.

Ask them for cheaper alternatives where you can get a full year instant support by recognized experts when you need it and not when it is planned in an agenda.

We were inspired to create this Co-Friend offering by experimenting: we noticed this helps our friends with personal mentoring and growth, something that is close to impossible to achieve in a single month or one-off session. This kind of personal growth is the cornerstone of organisational learning.

We have initiated this offering to allow us to assure sustainable change, offer long-term support, as such broadening up and leveraging the impact we generate. We can not provide any discounts on this offering as there is no margin at all. The tooling behind the scenes, the Co-Coaches fees for calls and monitoring is what you pay 1-1 for - from an accountant perspective this is a not for profit service.

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