Collaborative Coaching


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Coaching doesn’t have to necessarily take place externally. Creating an internal coaching network that supports your Agile Adoption is certainly possible. We do, however, recommend involving at least one external coach who can bring in experiences and ideas from another perspective. External coaches often see things that internal coaches don’t see (anymore) and are often ‘allowed’ to say things that would be politically incorrect for internal coaches.

It goes without saying that all our coaches have a solid foundation about agile scaling frameworks and concepts, and have gained years of experience in the field. Each of us also have their areas of expertise which allows us to swiftly shift gears to support you with what is specifically needed.

We offer three levels of coaching

Organisational & Management Coaching

One of our coaches will work with senior management teams and individuals to improve the organization and simplify its structure. As a result, the system becomes leaner, more customer-centric and ready with each successive change wave to build its greatest products yet.

Product Owner & Team Coaching

One of our coaches will work with one or a few teams and their PO to improve their teamwork, business orientation and Agile practices across teams. Continuously uncovering better ways of developing products by doing it and helping others do it

Technical Excellence Coaching

One of our coaches will work as a mentor with a couple of teams to improve their technical practices and adopt XP development & DevOps techniques. Above all, this type of coaching is meant to realize the full potential of all team members.

Our tandem principle with certified trainers and coaches

We use a tandem principle in all our coaching and mentoring engagements. We pair up with one or multiple people from your organisation and will first sit up front, taking the steering wheel, while your people are pedaling along. Once all feel more comfortable we switch positions where your people take the lead and we are taking the back seat on the tandem. This to end up with us stepping of the tandem and coach from the sideline through our Co-Friend network.

Co-learning makes sure all our candidates are thoroughly screened and trained. They are all experts in agile principles, practices and tooling. To avoid expensive outsourcing activities, we can also assist you in recruiting your own in-house expert. 

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What our customers are saying…

Some cases

Y Soft: Multi-Site LeSS Huge Adoption (2018-2021)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in an organization driving innovation within the global print management market. A story of organisational agility leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

SFPD: Governmental, highly regulated service going LeSS (2018-2020)

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in a governmental organization driving innovation within their application approach and ways of working. A story of organisational agility and technical excellence leading to innovative solutions.

BASE Company: LeSS Huge adoption incl. Offshoring (2015-2017)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in one of the 3 biggest TelCo organizations in Belgium. A story of organisational agility with BOLD movements leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

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