FiSH! Philosophy


Build an effective Team - 4 Pillars

  • Choose your attitude, even in not so great situations
  • Be there! Stay in the moment, don't get distracted
  • Make their day. Give them a smile.
  • Play! Work that is fun gets done.

Spreading delight, energy and fun amongst your co-workers and customers.

Struggling with team collaboration, customer focus, low morale, …? Learn to apply the Fish! Philosophy to turn it all around.

We've seen it in a lot of organisations. The words fun and play are frowned upon. People talk about that team that seems to be laughing all the time. How the hell do they get any work done? And then you take a closer look. And that laughing team is actually working. And working well. And delivering quality!

1-day FiSH! Philosophy Course

During this one day workshop, you'll find out why this happens, and how to achieve it in YOUR organisation.

Commitment, courage, focus, openness and respect - the Scrum Values - can make or break your team, even your organization. Fish! inspires team members to use their powers to make an incredible difference for their customers and coworkers. Fish! helps you improve any culture issue—morale, teamwork, engagement, motivation, customer focus, giving and receiving feedback and change.

Similar to the agile values, the FISH! Philosophy empowers team members to be more effective in their job - in any job. When all team members live the philosophy, they improve their (work) relationships and create better results. The foundation any team needs to excel is trust. And Fish! strengthens this trust between all team members and customers.

Using the four pillars of Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude, the Fish! Philosophy helps you achieving your goals:

  • Lack of engagement? The FISH! Philosophy empowers people to bring all of their gifts and talents to work.
  • Lack of customer focus? The FISH! Philosophy helps by focusing on their needs, having fun in a way that enhances their experience, and being real.
  • Lack of trust and teamwork? The Fish! Philosophy helps building trust by being there for those who need you, being accountable for how you treat them, and sharing moments of joy.

In many teams and organizations fun is still seen as the opposite to work. It is important to assure team members that a lively, personal atmosphere is favored and laughing is explicitly allowed. Fish! will motivate you to be yourself at work… In this one-day workshop we will dive into the four behavioral principles the Fish! Philosophy contains showing that when interacting with colleagues and customers commitment and joy are reinforcing forces.

The workshop places great emphasis on learning by experiencing and on conversations to get you started applying the four Fish! pillars.

  • Context is decisive
  • Desired experience
  • Passion and duty
  • Experiencing and conversation about spearhead "Play"
  • Experiencing and conversation about spearhead "Be There"
  • Experiencing and conversation about spearhead "Make Their Day"
  • Experiencing and conversation about spearhead "Choose Your Attitude"
  • And from now on…?

And of course a number of techniques to actually put all of this into practice!

Teams of which all team members attend together will leave with a new shared straightforward philosophy for more energy, passion and fun.

What do you get out of it

A head-start for your team

Your team will leave with a set of practices they identified that would be useful to them to have more energy so they can truly thrive in today’s hectic world.

Four Spearheads

Participants leave with a good understanding of the four key building blocks for any team. Having experienced these spearheads, team members know where to pay attention to to delight customers and colleagues.