Remote Work and Online Collaboration


Go beyond the boundaries of the physical

  • set expectations how to work together remotely, virtually
  • activity bases office simulations
  • facilitate online meetings like a pro
  • give and receive feedback in remote teams

Why you need to go remote(-first), based on decades of experience

In today’s modern global economy, telecommuting is no longer a novelty. Companies and organizations everywhere are embracing the game-changing benefits of allowing employees to work outside the office, and the results are profound: managers benefit by saving money and resources and by having access to talent outside their zip codes, while employees enjoy greater job opportunities, productivity, independence, and satisfaction—in part from the time saved not commuting.

The reality is clear: working remotely can be a win-win for everyone.

But that win is only possible when companies have a plan for supporting efficiency and fostering streamlined, engaging teamwork, and when individuals are prepared to collaborate productively.

What better way to learn how to work remotely than… remotely!

Below courses will be provided in a remote-only environment and will require you to have access to

  • decent internet connection that allows you to use the tools we have ready for you to engage in (a list will be provided in the course preparation worksheets)
  • great audio equipment, preferably a noise cancelling headset but any other good headset will suffice
  • if possible, an external HD camera for your video presence
  • If you know your company has a very tight firewall in place, attend from one of many co-working spaces around or a pub with good internet. Work anywhere where it suits the needs.

All courses are provided by certified and licensed trainers that have decades of experience with distributed team work and full remote team collaboration. And... it also goes beyond the scope of a single team, we have experience supporting a remote only LeSS (multi-team Scrum) environment! At the time of this writing, a unique quality across the globe.

All courses come with the "Work together anywhere" e-Book.

4-Sessions Work Together Anywhere Course

The Work Together Anywhere course is made up of four 90-minute up to 120-minute, interactive online sessions where we get to push all the remote buttons.

The course is your guideline to working online as if you were in the office together. At the end of the workshop, you’ll be on your way to having a proactive, aligned remote / distributed team that feels a sense of closeness. You will learn how to:

  • Avoid miscommunications
  • Run problem free meetings where everyone contributes
  • Increase camaraderie in remote / distributed teams
  • Inspire continuous improvement in remote / distributed working

Who should attend?

  • High-level managers and coaches working with remote colleagues
  • People with an experimental mindset and a willingness to try new things
  • Team members who are enthusiastic about improving productivity and day to day communication with their remote colleagues


1 Session Remote Working Agreements

This is a 90-minute up to 120-minute, interactive online session where we design remote first habits.

Set expectations for how to work together and avoid common pitfalls from the start.

Avoid miscommunications and outline acceptable behaviors for how your team wants to work together in a remote(-first) manner. Each team has its own personality and its own style of communicating. When we establish a basic set of guidelines for working together, we can remove costly misunderstandings.

So how do we get every team member on the same page?

In this session, we will dive into the process for creating remote/virtual team agreements. How to establish a basic set of guidelines for working together on a remote team, common communication protocols for remote working and tools for capturing team agreements.

Module content:

  • Create a productive workspace to collaborate from anywhere
  • Why define normal behaviour and avoid frustrations
  • What virtual trust looks like in a remote work environment
  • Define your team online etiquettes
  • Set expectations for how to work together
  • Pro tips for your team remote working agreements

1 Session Creating and Using a Virtual Office

This is a 90-minute up to 120-minute, interactive online session where we get familiar with virtual offices inside a virtual office space.

Working together across many people and teams in an online, virtual office creates a sense of bonding and overall camaraderie.

Increase the feeling of togetherness on your remote team by creating a productive and enjoyable virtual workspace. There is more to a successful remote team than just attending meetings and completing tasks. In order to create a collaborative workplace online, we have to focus on different things to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, and increase that sense of team. In this workshop we explore how to better collaborate online, and the various tools and techniques for building trust and increasing camaraderie online.

You will learn:

  • Best practices and tools for seamless online collaboration in a virtual office
  • Ways to combat the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality by going beyond the traditional meetings
  • Simple tips for increasing camaraderie and the sense of team/togetherness online

1 Session Designing and Facilitating Online Meetings

This is a 90-minute up to 120-minute, interactive online session where you'll receive an immense amount of tips & tricks to have amazing online meetings.

Design & Facilitate online meetings like a pro

Learn how to setup and facilitate remote, online team meetings to get the most engagement and interaction from your team. Have you ever attended a virtual meeting that was full of bad sound quality, interruptions, and disengaged participants? In this module you will learn the basics for how to setup and facilitate virtual meetings.

You will learn:

  • How to choose and effectively use online meeting technology according to what you want to achieve
  • Common communication protocols for effective remote meetings
  • How to facilitate interaction and participation, and minimize distractions and multi-tasking

1 Session Remote Working Feedback Practices

This is a 90-minute up to 120-minute, interactive online session where you'll discover the differences in giving and receiving feedback in remote first or remote only environments.

Feedback, appreciation, and celebrations.

Learn how to give and receive feedback on both small and big things to inspire continuous improvement. On remote teams, giving and receiving feedback become critical elements for success. In order to feel more connected, it’s important to acknowledge contributions and accomplishments. In this module, we will dive into how to set a pattern for honest and useful feedback on your remote team.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for rapid, continuous feedback
  • Tools for showing appreciation
  • How to conduct remote retrospectives

What do you get out of it


Not to forget checklists for remote working will be shared so you can put your learnings into practice right away.


You will have experienced several online tools that enable fruitful remote collaboration.

Free Book

You get a free online version of the famous "Work Together Anywhere" book.