Workshop Design And Facilitation


Facilitation for successful meetings

  • a hands-on course teaching you the ins and outs of facilitating meetings and workshops with gamified techniques
  • learn how to support the decision making process, create more engaging meetings and help set product/service direction
  • you will leave with an average of 30 techniques, from simple to complex, giving you a toolbox to use both on paper as well as through online tools and platforms

Why facilitation and design?

The roles of people are changing along with the modern organisation. Whether your new role is management within a more "flat" organisation structure, project/program manager, scrum master or product owner, and of course overall facilitator, being able to facilitate a group of people towards tangible results and decisions in a short time-frame becomes increasingly important.

In order to have good sessions/meetings, a skilled facilitator knows how to balance the energy to keep members involved and focused, in order to create real leadership opportunities in the organization with tangible results at the end of each session. The more you know about how to shape and run a good process, the more your organisation will feel empowered and engaged about their own ideas and participation. They will stay involved, take on responsibility and ownership, and your meetings will become even better.

2-day facilitation for successful meetings training

During this high paced hands-on training we’ll dive into techniques for several purposes: from ideation and pure brainstorming, over prioritisation, to lessons learned and retrospective/kaizen formats that actually work within the timeframe you have been able to lock in those busy agenda’s.

The two-day facilitation workshop is built on the “learning by doing” model of education, relying on in-class practice and feedback.
The training focuses on 4 main components and an optional component:

  • facilitation and observation
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • designing a meeting or workshop
  • producing large scale events with multiple facilitators
  • optional: online facilitation and tooling

We use techniques from the stack of Innovation Games, Gamestorming and Liberating Structures.

1-day facilitation masterclass: creating your own techniques

The one-day class is fast-paced and team-oriented. After instruction in game theory and design strategy, participants will put theory into practice, first using the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ to analyze an existing game and then using it to design their own games. Wear comfortable clothing, because you're going to be working in small teams!

What You Will Learn

  • Game theory - What "Is" a Game, after all?
  • Structure / Components of Serious/ Collaborative Games
  • The Collaborative Game Design Canvas™, a powerful canvas for designing games
  • Design strategies and proven processes for game adaptation and creation
  • How to determine game mode (online, in-person, hybrid)
  • Online & in-person facilitation strategies

What do you get out of it


A toolbox of techniques you can mix and match to your needs

Game Techniques

Our own stash of freshly created game techniques


Inspiration and energy to completely transform the meeting culture around you