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Agile is your first love?

Co-Learning does not have a financial growth target and as such we are not actively recruiting. Organical growth with the right people is what keeps our services to be of utmost quality. Qualitative, impactful change adjusted to the need and context of the product development organisation is what makes us exceptional. We are a group of passionate people, each with our own deep expertise, sharing the same values and drive for impact and are always open to extend our team of musketeers. One for all, all for one is how we operate within the boundaries of our own manifesto.

Why join our team

You are as passionate about the underlying principles of a truly Agile organisation and feel like a fish in the water working in a highly diverse team. You are looking for other experts to complement your skillset. You are coachable and open for other opinions. You feel connected to our manifesto.

Co-Learning might be the place for you to settle down, grow your expertise and raise to unseen heights. We are a family of like minded, yet highly diverse team of experts that are always ready to support each other and our clients. We love people that are not shy to take responsibility of their own path and we are here to support - maybe push - you ahead on that path.

We generate an impact

Ever since 2016 we get our customers to be so proud on what they achieved with us that they state it on stage!

Everyone is special

We do recognise each person is special and help each other to become a recognised industry expert.

Fun, work is play

We embody the FiSH! philosophy and take care our serious work is fun and playful. Work made fun gets done!