SME Portfolio – KMO Portefeuille

SME Portfolio - KMO Portefeuille

In 2016 we achieved the status of “Recognized Service Provider” with Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship for the SME Portfolio

If you are a small or medium business based in Flanders and you wish to purchase services from us, on a training, assessment or consulting level, you are eligible for financial aid from the Flemish Government through the SME Portfolio (KMO Portefeuille).

This financial aid can be as high as 40% of the invoice amount and is awarded by Flanders Innovation & Enterpreneurship (Agenschap Innoveren en Ondernemen).

Depending on the requested service we can be identified as service company with the following identification numbers:
Consulting: DV.A219208
Training: DV.O213608


You as a company should file a request through the following website:
We strongly advise to only register when you have validated our offer (for consultancy) or after the reception of the invoice (for training).
The request needs to be filed at the latest 2 weeks after the start of our service. To be precise: 14 days after the first day of training or assessment.


Payment happens in 3 steps:

  1. You pay your part to the account of SME Portfolio. The agency adds the needed funds to reach the full price (excl. VAT)
  2. You pay the VAT amount directly to Co-Learning.
  3. You validate payment to Co-Learning through the SME Portfolio website in order to get the funds transferred.