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Musicians will take much more time preparing for a performance than the actual performance. While we constantly perform on stage in our daily work, we hardly ever take time to practice. So, get with the programme and improve your performance on the “stage of life” today.

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Code Retreats

The Code Retreat is a highly effective one-day practical event that focuses on the fundamentals of software development and design. Away from daily pressures, developers get the opportunity to boost their skills and improve their ability to write code that will minimize the cost of change over time. 

Game-storming Retreats

During a Game-storming Retreat, participants practice their skills by helping each other with various techniques. This retreat is very suitable for facilitators, Scrum Masters, team leaders and managers. In a safe environment, you can try out new things, get constructive feedback and maybe even create your own modification or combination of techniques. 

Legacy Code Retreats

The Legacy Code Retreat for developers is based on the Code Retreat format, only this time with an extra twist: you’ll be working on someone’s already-written code. Participants can fully immerse themselves into some old, messy, organically grown, hard to understand implementation of a game in the chosen programming language. This retreat is a popular event for in-house sessions: your programmers can practice on their own legacy systems.

Leadership Retreats

During a Leadership Retreat, we dive into the practices and techniques any good leader can bring to the table to elevate their team or organization to the next level. We use all kinds of leadership tools and apply the Responsibility Process® to see how these are linked and how they reinforce each other.

Architecture & Coding Kata's

One of the more successful practices to acquire Technical Excellence skills are “kata’s”, practicing skills outside the domain of the real battle. Just like they are used in fight sports. You open the space for people to join weekly or 2-weekly kata sessions going from 2h sessions to full day sessions where they can learn new skills. We design and facilitate Kata's for development skills - coding kata's - and architectural skills. This works like a charm but be warned, don’t expect results from day 1, it truly is like the karate kid old version: wax in, wax out, wax in, wax out... or in karate kid new version: put it on, put it off, put it on, put it off...

Management Sessions 3.0 Brown Bag

We understand that not every team member can take two or three days off to attend our Management 3.0 Training. Why not participate in our flexible alternative that offers the same content as a regular in-person Management 3.0 Training? We’ll meet regularly over the course of time and dive into relevant topics that concern your organization today. 

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Some cases

Y Soft: Multi-Site LeSS Huge Adoption (2018-2021)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in an organization driving innovation within the global print management market. A story of organisational agility leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.

SFPD: Governmental, highly regulated service going LeSS (2018-2020)

LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in a governmental organization driving innovation within their application approach and ways of working. A story of organisational agility and technical excellence leading to innovative solutions.

BASE Company: LeSS Huge adoption incl. Offshoring (2015-2017)

LeSS Huge (Large-Scale Scrum) adoption in one of the 3 biggest TelCo organizations in Belgium. A story of organisational agility with BOLD movements leading to growth, speed & innovative solutions.


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