Design & Facilitation for Successful Meetings

This course will be highly interactive with a good balance between exercises and theory.

Be prepared to be surprised and acquire a huge load of new skills you can put in practice right away.

This course will be held in a safe and great atmosphere to maximise the learning.

If you have any special wishes for the event let us know, we are here to make it a splendid experience.

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Ended on September 22
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Ended on September 22
Ended on September 22
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November 22, 9:00 am —
November 25, 12:30 pm CET
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Course Details

Course details

The roles of people are changing along with the modern organisation. And so are the ways we conduct meetings, moving from going through a list of agenda points to fully interactive gatherings. Going from face to face gatherings to online meetings with video conferencing and tooling.

Whether your new role is management within a more “flat” organisation structure, project/program manager, scrum master or product owner, or an overall facilitator, being able to help guide a group of people towards tangible results and decisions in a short time-frame becomes increasingly important.

4 Sessions:

  • November 22nd, 9:00CET - 12:30CET
  • November 23rd, 9:00CET - 12:30CET
  • November 24th, 9:00CET - 12:30CET
  • November 25th, 9:00CET - 12:30CET

Course topics

During this high paced hands-on training we’ll dive into techniques for several purposes: from ideation and pure brainstorming, over prioritisation, to lessons learned and retrospective/kaizen/lessons learned formats that actually work within the timeframe you have been able to lock in those busy agenda’s. All of these techniques can easily be transferred to online tooling, to be able to benefit from them in this increasingly “work from home”-centered time.

During this training, attendees will be introduced to Innovation Games®, Liberating Structures and Gamestorming techniques, tools that will help you along with huge strides towards creating applications, products and/or services with a user-centered design. They support the decision making process, create more engaging meetings and help set product/service direction.

In order to have good sessions/meetings, a skilled facilitator knows how to balance the energy to keep members involved and focused, in order to create real leadership opportunities in the organization with tangible results at the end of each session. The more you know about how to shape and run a good process, the more your organisation will feel empowered and engaged about their own ideas and participation. They will stay involved, take on responsibility and ownership, and your meetings will become even better.

Give us 4 sessions and we’ll teach you how to uncover deeper and more accurate customer insights, create a faster decision making process, improve overall communication and meeting output, and make use of the creativity of everyone involved.

Each training covers on average 30 techniques in a hands-on fashion, from simple to complex, to combine towards a powerful toolbox you can use both on paper as well as online, touching upon several online tools to help you facilitate distributed workshops.

Through our instructors’ years of real-world experience, this 4 sessions interactive workshop teaches you how to create your own successful workshops.


The 4 sessions workshop is built on the “learning by doing” model of education, relying on live practice and feedback.

The training focuses on 4 main components and an optional component:

  • facilitation and observation

  • giving and receiving feedback

  • designing a meeting or workshop

  • producing large scale events with multiple facilitators

Target audience

This course is highly valuable for anyone who needs to facilitate small to large groups towards joint decisions. Agile team members who need to facilitate events as described in Lean, Scrum and Kanban. All levels welcome, from beginner to experienced facilitators, we always have a good time full of learning and knowledge sharing.

What you get:

  • A toolbox full of ready-to use techniques

  • First hand experience and feedback

  • A list online tools for both inspiration and application in your own meetings and workshops

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