Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) by Management 3.0

This course will be highly interactive with a good balance between exercises and theory.

Be prepared to be surprised and acquire a huge load of new skills you can put in practice right away.

This course will be held in a safe and great atmosphere to maximise the learning.

If you have any special wishes for the event let us know, we are here to make it a splendid experience.

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Ended on January 30
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Ended on January 30
Ended on January 30
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January 31, 9:00 am —
February 1, 5:30 pm CET
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Course Details

Certified Agile HR (ICP-AHR) by Management 3.0 (former Agile Talent ICP-TAL)

Course details

Enhance your skills working with people. Become a better partner for those working in your company and provide greater support in the agile culture.

Agility in HR by Management 3.0 brings understanding of the organizational complexity, being open to change according to communication needs, competence and business models. Really supporting you to shape your organization to a next level and quickly adapt to a changing economic landscape.

The course provides you tools to foster organic growth of competence throughout the complete organization, instead of keeping knowledge within the boundaries of its department. It is this kind of innovation, collective knowledge and its adaptability that are the major pillars to survive this rapidly changing world.

The ICAgile Certified Professional in Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) certification is part of the Business Agility pathway and is aimed at people who are in what is called HR in most organizations.

The Agility in HR (ICP-AHR) Workshop by Management 3.0 (former Agile Talent ICP-TAL) is a two-day interactive event. Management 3.0 is all about the Agile mindset combined with practical tools to be used immediately.

The Agility in HR course expectations

In this Agility in HR workshop by Management 3.0, business partners, personnel developers, recruiters and others who work in or closely with human resources, will learn about the Agile mindset, organizational design, roles, career paths, performance, goals & motivation, promotions, talent acquisition and retention as well as learning and development.

In this workshop, you will learn more about:

  • The changing role of HR in agile businesses

  • Attracting, hiring and retaining the right people

  • Embracing diversity

  • Keeping people motivated and engaged

  • Moving from individual performance mindset to team performance

  • Performance appraisals/ratings

  • Changing roles, job descriptions, titles and ways of working

  • Creating and nurturing an environment of psychological safety

What do you get?

As an attendee of the Agility in HR Workshop by Management 3.0 you will receive

  • two certificates:

    • The Management 3.0 Agile Talent Workshop Certificate of Attendance*

    • the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Talent (ICP-AHR) certification.

  • the book “Managing for Happiness” by Jurgen Appello

  • the e-book “Doing it!” full of real life examples on how to apply the Management 3.0 games en techniques in your organization

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