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19 January 2016 / Agile & Scrum
Stop Managing Dependencies!

Dependencies in Software Development have been an issue since decades and lots of practices have been built to “manage” them, creating an environment that becomes more complicated with longer time-to-market times as dependencies grow (or the product/solution grows). This is creating an illusion and no dependency management is alwys the only answer! Coordination to remove dependencies is usually a more sustainable outcome with less management. The...

6 May 2013 / Agile & Scrum
Most common mistakes in scrum ceremonies 7/7: general scrum pitfalls

With great power comes great responsibility You can’t expect a team that is used to working in a command and control environment to suddenly make the switch to becoming a self-organized team without any guidance. All self-organization in nature happens within boundaries. Just like in nature, we will need to set boundaries when we help teams in becoming self-organizing. We need to show them ways...