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7 February 2013 / Leadership & Management
Become a Protean Career Architect

Guestblog by Lesley Vanleke, debaak.be Continuous globalization, technological developments and sustainability issues have also impacted the traditional relationship between employers and employees. The way these two parties reach agreements is profoundly changing. In the traditional psychological contract, employees receive job security and they confide in the long term commitment to their company to take care of them financially. In return, employees are loyal and they...

10 September 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Co-creation, what is it good for?

So what is this co-creation you're starting to hear about? It's actually a business strategy focusing on customer experience and interactive relationships. Co-creation allows and encourages a more active involvement from the customer to create a value rich experience. As there are several ways to tackle uncertainty in building new products (Lean, Agile, Iterate...) it came to our attention that most of them still are...

9 July 2012 / Less is More
A fresh start, a new name

Hi there, and welcome to the Co-Learning blog! Co-Learning was founded by Jurgen De Smet and Erik Talboom in their endeavour to provide coaching and training on all levels of enterpreneurship in 3 ways: A is for Awareness: Create and share awareness of the techniques out there to help you innovate on any level you need in your business, through incredible workshops with international speakers,...