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10 October 2012 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Aaarrrgggg, those ******* meetings!

You need meetings! You want them to generate ideas, inspire action and flow but in their essence meetings are paradoxical!  In many cases we see, hear and feel that within organizations meetings do not deliver to their expectations. Participants come ill prepared, disengage and hardly follow-up. At best, you have a love-hate relationship with meetings. You need them yet you despise them. Why is that? Why...

8 October 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Get in charge of your life! Optimize for happiness. (our book story)

From time to time you feel bad as a consequence of the way you live our life. Either you know about it or you do not know about it, but in many cases you just accept the situation as it is and keep living your life the way you were.  Well... it should not be like that! You should not suffer from things like...  ...

15 May 2012 / Less is More
Plant the seeds and enjoy their growth

It has been more than a year since we organized the first Belgian Management 3.0 training with Jurgen Appelo(March 28, 2011) and subsequent premiere of co-teaching Jurgens (June 27th, 2011). In the mean time we have had the opportunity to spread the love in several public and in-house occasions in Europe for which we received great feedback of which you can see some examples below: I’ll have a lot more...