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12 February 2014 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
First gamestorming retreat in our own training room

In case I didn't talk to you before now: Happy new year. I hope 2014 may bring you much learning and collaboration. During our first gamestorming retreat of 2014 we experimented with several different gamestorming techniques:  How-Now-Wow matrix A different version of Dot Voting to try to avoid the influencing (more about that later) Code of conduct Job or joy 20/20 vision (Innovation games®) The anti...

9 July 2012 / Less is More
A fresh start, a new name

Hi there, and welcome to the Co-Learning blog! Co-Learning was founded by Jurgen De Smet and Erik Talboom in their endeavour to provide coaching and training on all levels of enterpreneurship in 3 ways: A is for Awareness: Create and share awareness of the techniques out there to help you innovate on any level you need in your business, through incredible workshops with international speakers,...