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5 February 2013 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Team Purpose and Motivation Empowered by Applied Improvisation

Guestblog by Rutger Slump, letsplayinnovation.com An increasing number of professionals are trained in improvisation skills and mindset. It helps them to play with their environment instead of controlling it, which is especially useful when dealing with complex or choatic surroundings. Improvisation is therefore a very interesting part of the Innovation Game in organizations. “The act of introducing something new” (the American heritage dictionary). Creating next...

14 January 2013 / Leadership & Management
Leadership Retreat – Surviving Crucial Conversations

Another Leadership Retreat successfully accomplished! At first we should thank everyone that showed up: German, British and Belgian attendees were making the learning scene. The many rewarding reactions after and during the retreat prove the success of this system!  While the thankful and enthusiastic tweets are still appearing in the timeline... time for some reflection. Topic As the invitation stated the context without mentioning: Crucial Conversations....