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11 December 2012 / Leadership & Management
The Intersection of Business, Education and Innovation

As the blog has mentioned at various points, different innovations and startups have different metrics for success. This makes a formulaic approach to entrepreneurship all but impossible, though there are certain trends that crop up from time to time. Writer Emma Collins explores one such trend today as she discusses the present and future viability of the booming education technology startup sector. When she is...

2 October 2012 / Agile & Scrum
Entrepreneurs Design Their Metrics for Success

Something we do together with our partner for the Belgian startup and entrepreneurial community is what we call the “Startup Coaching Retreats” and is based on similar principles as all the above but focused on the needs of entrepreneurs with a startup company. – see report of our first run ‘here‘  - Participation for the ones we do in Belgium is managed by IBBT Entrepreneurship and this event...