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12 February 2014 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
First gamestorming retreat in our own training room

In case I didn't talk to you before now: Happy new year. I hope 2014 may bring you much learning and collaboration. During our first gamestorming retreat of 2014 we experimented with several different gamestorming techniques:  How-Now-Wow matrix A different version of Dot Voting to try to avoid the influencing (more about that later) Code of conduct Job or joy 20/20 vision (Innovation games®) The anti...

30 July 2012 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Gamestorming in the mountains of Rasnov

A little over a week ago I was in Rasnov, Romania, to facilitate the first gamestorming retreat over there. You know how it was 26 degrees in Belgium? Well, that was cold in comparison to the 36 we had over there. Most of the participants didn't really seem to have any issue with this. I on the other hand was sweating as soon as I...

9 July 2012 / Engaging Workshops & Meetings
Gamestorming, the Dracula way

In just two weeks I will be going to Romania again. This time I'll be there to co-facilitate a gamestorming retreat, together with Maria Diaconu. We'll have the perfect setting for this retreat, it will be something like this chalet. And it will be close to Dracula's castle, will we be bitten? We'll go on a journey through the land of gamestorming to find a...