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6 November 2018 / Agile & Scrum
Extending Definition of Done & GitOps at De Persgroep

The past two years I was active (via Co-Learning of course ) as Scrum Master for De Persgroep. My primary team was D.I. JOE, who's main goal was to build a datalake as part of the move to the cloud, using the AWS platform. One of my first tasks with D.I. JOE was to help the team in creating a Definition of Done. For a long time "done" meant for...

4 October 2017 / Agile & Scrum
Why and how do we use pull request?

The goal of this blog posts is to share why a team I coached used pull requests and how we did this within the context of a midsize product. I share this experience, knowing it’s not a perfect example, as it might provide inspiration on the advantages and disadvantages of such an approach. The context The context is a customization and extension of an existing...

17 January 2012 / Less is More
My first Coderetreat abroad

Last Saturday January 7 Adi and I traveled to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. We were invited there to facilitate the first coderetreat of 2012. I was really looking forward to this and also a little anxious at first, being in unknown surroundings, and especially facilitating for Dutch people who are known for their honesty and open communication. This was indeed my firstcoderetreat outside of my Belgian comfort zone. Most...